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By 3R & WTRL

1. Each Stage will consist of 4 races at different times (we call these races Zones) and there will be 6 Stages.
2. 50 points are awarded to the winner of each Pen (A,B,C,D and E (Ladies Only)), 49 points for 2nd place and so on. Everyone taking part will be awarded at least 1 point.
3. Riders competing in a Pen below their Cat will be moved to the Pen they are supposed to be in. e.g. Racing as a C rider when you are classed as a B will apply B Division points. Stage 1 & 2 will see B riders and above racing in C or D earn 0 points.
4. Points add together to form an INDIVIDUAL by CATEGORY and an OVERALL TEAM league.
5. Both Team League and Individual League will be published shortly after all 4 Zones have taken place.
6. A riders best Zone result in a Stage will count for the leagues and points.
7. Riders do not have to ride in all 6 Stages.
8. Ladies are advised to race from the E pen where higher points will be on offer but can race in A-D if preferred. Points earned will be reflective of the starting Pen finish order.
9. Racers who upgrade in Category/Division during the competition will carry their points through to their new Category/Division but MUST join future URL races in their new division. 10. To win a Division after upgrading, the racer must have completed at least 2 stages in their upgraded category.
11. Racers joining a race without a ZP category will be placed as follows:
a. If ZwiftPower is able to allocate a cat post-race, that is the category you will be scored in.
b. If ZwiftPower does not allocate a cat post-race, your 20 minute WKG and Watts will be used to calculate an FTP and hence ZwiftPower category.

12. Riders entering a higher Division than their category will remain in that division for the rest of the series.
13. Racers riding with no Heart Rate Monitor (HR) will not earn points and will be removed from both the ZwiftPower and our own results.
14. Racers entering a Pen Class BELOW their ZwiftPower Category will be disqualified under UPG. We advise you to check your ZwiftPower category prior to the start of the race and ensure you are in the correct pen to avoid a UPG disqualification as we will not change these disqualifications.
15. ALL racers wishing to earn points and placings in both ZwiftPower and our Team League MUST have an accurate Height and Weight recorded in Zwift / ZwiftPower. You will be removed from the results with WEIGHT or HEIGHT as the reason if you do not have these added. Cyclists are not weightless nor are they 0cm tall.


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Ultimate Racing League Course Schedule

# Date Course Format A & BC & D E (Ladies Only)