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WTRL Team Time Trial #45 - Thursday 27th February 2020

Volcano Flat - 3 Laps (36.819km)

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Zone 1 - Thu, 27 Feb 2020 - 10:20 AM GMT

Zone 2 - Thu, 27 Feb 2020 - 6:15 PM GMT

Zone 3 - Thu, 27 Feb 2020 - 7:40 PM GMT

Zone 4 - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 - 12:35 AM GMT

Zone 5 - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 - 2:45 AM GMT



STAGE 3 of 6 - Saturday 29th February 2020!

Winter Team Racing League

6 stages taking in some of Zwifts finest routes. Winner, KOM/QOM and Sprint Points, Individual and Team League.

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Stage 3: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 - 1:45 PM GMT

Event Details, Rules & Results

Winter Team Racing League - Series 2

Congratulations to our WTRL World Team Time Trial eRacing Champions!.

2019 Espresso Podium 2019 Frappe Podium
2019 Latte Podium 2019 Mocha Podium

WTRL Team Time Trial #44 - Results

2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit - 2 Laps (27.594km)

Thursday 20th February 2020

Full Results

Rank Team Class Time
1TEAM POAUTOEspresso0:37:23.65
2ATP Racing 1Espresso0:37:58.02
3WTRL VolendamEspresso0:38:15.47
4FUSION DEVELOPMENT AEspresso0:39:12.50
5WTRL SkylabEspresso0:39:44.61
6DIRTy Afternoon DelightEspresso0:40:36.93
8The BerlHarz ConnectionEspresso0:41:03.37
9WKG VOMIT Frappe0:41:11.34
10Race3R PlayboysFrappe0:41:13.09
11ATP Racing 6Frappe0:41:15.74
12UC ChamoyEspresso0:41:15.81
13DIRT DigglerFrappe0:41:24.93
14ATP Racing 5Frappe0:41:38.98
15Vikings JörmungandrFrappe0:42:13.23
16Race3R Bucks FizzFrappe0:42:17.93
17CRYO-GEN VulturesFrappe0:42:30.01
19WTRL Skylab 2Frappe0:43:08.03
20DIRTy SteamersFrappe0:43:09.93
21CRYO-GEN FalconsFrappe0:43:15.18
22Team TFC TyphoonFrappe0:43:18.85
23Race3R LunachicksVienna0:43:33.24
24Vikings SleipnirFrappe0:43:52.35
25Foudre FFrappe0:44:03.36
26ZESP 2Frappe0:44:06.11
27ATP Racing 9Frappe0:44:09.28
28Riding DIRTyFrappe0:44:27.38
29WTRL Beet-ItFrappe0:44:34.69
30DIRTime ChasersLatte0:44:38.20
31WTRL PioneersEspresso0:44:42.82
32DIRTy Rascals DeuxLatte0:44:49.36
33DIRTy BibsLatte0:44:57.73
34Atom RacingFrappe0:45:15.47
35Vikings ValhallaLatte0:45:18.91
37Team CZFrappe0:45:29.96
38CRYO-GEN Eagles Frappe0:45:36.43
39The Swift KidsFrappe0:45:37.11
40Race3R Backstreet BoysFrappe0:45:37.17
41Race3R WestlifeFrappe0:45:41.18
42DIRTy WattzLatte0:45:46.96
43Eat DIRTLatte0:45:57.28
44Team TFC HurricaneLatte0:46:06.91
45WTRL WanderersFrappe0:46:24.96
47ATP Racing 8Latte0:46:42.82
48Team TFC LightningLatte0:46:44.90
49Team Vegan VFrappe0:46:48.01
50Vikings MjolnirLatte0:47:03.83
51Bergen TriathlonFrappe0:47:08.47
52Vikings YggdrasilLatte0:47:10.09
53Team Vegan SFrappe0:47:44.07
54ATP Racing 2Latte0:47:46.80
55TT1 LancetsLatte0:47:52.74
56The SpinstersLatte0:47:58.86
57WKG FUN Latte0:48:07.92
58CRYO-GEN HawksLatte0:48:08.62
59CRYO-GEN OspreysVienna0:48:22.78
60Race3R New Kids On The BlockLatte0:48:39.93
61HERD of Great White SharksLatte0:48:46.97
62WKG GOAT HURDERSLatte0:48:48.15
64BRT ChasersLatte0:49:09.77
65CRYO-GEN BuzzardsLatte0:49:11.72
68Eat DIRT TooLatte0:49:31.24
69CRYO-GEN PenguinsLatte0:49:45.78
70HERD of Killer BeesFrappe0:49:45.80
71ATP Racing 7Vienna0:49:48.92
72Los AmigosLatte0:49:50.85
73HERD of LionsLatte0:49:58.79
74CRYO-GEN RavensLatte0:50:03.77
75Team TFC SpitfireLatte0:50:20.21
76DIRTy Wattz 2Latte0:50:20.69
77TT1 BolusLatte0:51:25.52
78Vikings OsebergLatte0:51:33.76
79AHDRL Purple Armada 1Vienna0:51:54.76
80TT1 CGMsLatte0:52:06.15
81CRYO-GEN KestrelsLatte0:52:17.93
82Team Vegan WomenVienna0:53:05.32
83HERD of TigersMocha0:53:53.33
84AHDR 1Latte0:54:22.19
85Eat DIRT VierMocha0:54:32.29
86TT1 HypersLatte0:54:38.78
87CRYO-GEN WoodpeckersLatte0:55:01.72
88CRYO-GEN RoadrunnersMocha0:55:23.68
89ATP Racing 4Mocha0:55:48.15
90HERD of Dire WolvesMocha0:56:18.76
91HERD of Honey BadgersMocha0:56:40.56
92TT1 A1csLatte0:57:30.85
93Vikings BerserkerMocha0:58:01.38
94HERD of PlatypusLatte1:06:03.71