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WTRL Team Time Trial World Championships 2019

Each team can only compete in ONE race but riders can compete in as many teams as they like.

TTT Team Registration will open on Thursday 17th October right here.

We anticipate 2 Team Time Trial races on the Tuesday and 5 on the Thursday, though we are looking to secure 1 - 2 additional races on the Tuesday!

There will be 5 race events the week prior on The Greatest London Flat (the course that will be used for the Team Time Trial World Championships) for teams to practise on as follows:

  • Tuesday 15th October - 4 Events
  • Saturday 19th October - 1 Event
Please note that no start delays will be issued for these practice events.

WTRL Team Time Trial World Championships Information

WTRL Team Time Trial World Championships 2019

5th Team Time Trial Event Added!

With increasing number of teams registering and racing in our Team Trials each week, we have been able to secure a 5th time slot.

Our original Zone 2 race will now be the Zone 3 race. The new Zone 2 will take place each week from October 3rd! See the graphic below for each race time (called Zones) for major cities around the world below. This is adjusted for any time Daylight Saving Time changes etc.

WTRL Team Time Trial Events

NEW WTRL Team Time Trial Zone Race Added!


The 3rd and final round of our current 3 series DeCat race series will take place on Tuesday 15th October.

Our decat races are a series of 3 races with each race having 2 timezones to choose from. Racers can also race in both timezones if they wish and the best of the 2 times will be taken for the General Classifiactaion league

Erik Haugen of Race3R won Series 2 by just 3 tenths of a second!

Jamie Woodward from WKG won Series 1

DeCat Racing League Info.

WTRL Decat Racing League - Stage 3 of 3

Latest WTRL TTT Results

Thursday 17th October 2019
Tick Tock - 36.2km - 2 Laps
Rank Team Name Class Time
1CANYON ZCCEspresso00:45:14.92
2DIRTy AFEspresso00:47:08.29
3WTRL 1Espresso00:48:08.74
4Race3R RebelsEspresso00:48:43.47
5DIRT Beast ModeFrappe00:49:38.05
6DIRTy SteamersFrappe00:50:34.70
7Riding DIRTyFrappe00:52:37.22
8DIRTy BibsLatte00:57:27.83
9DIRTy DeedsMocha00:59:27.30
10HERD of PlatypusLatte01:03:18.11